On Road Tetra-pod

 If you are more of a city person, but you like being outdoors but still want to get all of your work done at home the On Road Tetra-POD is the better choice for you. 

Muskoka Country is a company that sells only the best products on the market!

These Canadian made (manufactured in Stoney Creek) TetraPods fit the bill.

Not only do you have a fantastic dump trailer or covered trailer, it turns into a boat!

Muskoka Country is located in Kearney, Ontario and serves the region from Bracebridge to Parry Sound to North Bay and everything in between.  You will see us at local events demonstrating this amazing product.

The Most Popular Products:

Off Road Tetra-Pod

 If you are an outdoor enthusiast and you love getting into those backwoods or that lake the Off Road Tetra-POD is perfect for you.

Muskoka Country